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Kenai River Powerboat: Fly Fishing & Spin Fishing for Salmon & Trout

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Alaska Rainbow Trout
Fly Fishing>>

Catch trophy rainbow trout like this while fly fishing THE Kenai River, Alaska.

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The Kenai Peninsula has the best access to guided trophy salmon fishing in the world
>> May to September.

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Alaska Guided Fishing Trip Locations

Enjoy quality salmon and rainbow trout fishing on the two best rivers the Kenai Peninsula has to offer, the Kenai River and the Kasilof River. Guided spin, Bait cast and fly fishing trips and packages are available from May through October. Peak dates for each species of trout or salmon vary, you can find more informationon our Salmon and Rainbow Trout pages. Whether this is your first fishing trip in Alaska or you return yearly, get ready for the guided fishing trip or fishing package vacation of a lifetime with Alaska Drift Away Fishing.

Kenai & Kasilof River Guided Fishing Locations

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Alaska Drift Away Fishing Guides:

Alaska Driftaway Fishing Guides

Whether your preference is for salmon or rainbow trout, our experienced fishing guides' abilities and patience guarantee that your Alaskan Guided fishing trip or fishing package vacation will live up to your dreams. With over 35 years of combined river fishing and fly fishing experience, your Alaska Drift Away fishing guides are able to offer any assistance you might need and will get you where the big rainbow trout and salmon are biting.  Come Enjoy Alaska Fishing with us!

Boats and fishing equipment:

Alaska RIver Fishing Boats and Equipment

Alaska Drift Away Fishing uses comfortable 20 foot drift or power boats to access the best salmon and rainbow trout fishing on the Kenai & Kasilof rivers. We use only top quality fishing rods, reels and tackle including homemade fishing flies to suit rainbow trout and salmon. Our guides will look after everything and you will get to enjoy the splendour of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula and experience some of the best guided fishing and fly fishing Alaska's Kenai Peninsula has to offer.

Slider Feature: Fly Fishing for Rainbow Trout in the Peak season of August & September

  • Guided Fishing Client Jerry Elmer with his big Kenai Rainbow Trout . This trout believe it or not was sight fished on a gravel bar just upstream of a slow drop off. This pig put up an epic battle. During August and September trophy trout are abundant, healthy and they fight hard

  • Alaska Fly Fishing Guide Nigel Fox and Ted Diago with a chrome 32 inch long by 20 inch girth Rainbow trout. This trophy rainbow was caught on the middle Kenai river, Alaska Fishing in August

  • Fly Fishing Guide Nick Ohlrich with a 30 inch rainbow trout from Alaska's middle Kenai river.

  • A chubby 28 inch long middle Kenai river rainbow trout in a large catch and release rubber net. Trout gorge themselves on the spawning salmon all summer. So by August and September they are massive and very fiesty. If the weather is cooperative October also has great fishing.

  • John's 2nd big fish hit at the bottom of the drift and ran into class 3 waters before we were able to seal the deal on this Kenai river Rainbow Trout. Nice day trip on the water John.

  • A beautiful Kenai rainbow trout freshly caught and about to be released. Kenai River Trout Fishing trips are all catch & release.

  • A client of Alaska's Drift Away Fishing displaying a magnum Kenai rainbow trout that was caught on a flesh fly in late September.

  • Trophy Alaska Trout Fly Fishing on the Kenai river. This August fishing trip yielded more than a few 20" + fish.

  • A colorful middle Kenai river rainbow trout.

  • A day of research and development with the Alaska Drift Away Fishing Guides. Testing out some new fly fishing techniques on the middle river in September

  • Guide Nick Ohlrich of Alaska Drift Away Fishing with a 30 inch rainbow trout caught in Rainbow Alley on the Kenai river.

  • Fly fishing for trophy Alaska rainbow trout on the world famous Kenai river.

  • This bruiser represents one of the largest Kenai river rainbow trout that a Alaska Drift Away Fishing client has caught on a day trip.

  • Guides Jeremy Anderson and Nick Ohlrich of Alaska Drift Away Fishing with a beautiful middle Kenai river rainbow trout.

  • Kids of Girdwood, Alaska at their finest... This kid shreds in the winter time and hook sets like a champion in the fall time. 11 years old.... landing a big Kenai river rainbow trout like he has been doing it for years. This Kids fishing trips sure was fun.

  • Alaska trophy Rainbow trout is a fishery that is highly sought after by many Kenai river anglers.

  • 33 long x 21 girth = 18.9 lb Kenai River Trophy Rainbow Trout. Caught Fly Fishing during the peak month of August.

  • Guide Jeremy Anderson a Kenai rainbow trout caught on an early October Guided fishing trip.

  • 29 inch / 28 inch middle Kenai rainbow trout double. 2 Guides, 2 Boats, and a bunch of Trout fishermen. On a great Guided fishing Trip in late August/early September

  • Putting the dun-right to the test with this sweet Kenai Bow caught on saturday. Nick and Greg measuring up yet another Alaska Trophy Rainbow Trout

  • Tracey of the BOW group with 30 inches of Kenai river rainbow trout. She had the Alaska Guided Fly Fishing trip of a lifetime.




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